By aeroplane:
There is an airline connection from Athens to Milos, daily. There are more flights during the high season (May - October). The journey takes 30 minutes and the airport is 4.5 km from Adamas.

By ferry boat:
There are frequent sailings from Piraeus to Milos and daily during the summer season. The direct service takes 5 hours but if the ship calls in at other ports, (Kithnos, Serifos, Sifnos, Kimolos), it takes 7.15 hours. During the summer there are also services which connect Milos with Ios, Sikinos, Folegandros, Santorini and Crete and to the islands of the eastern Cyclades. There are also daily departures of High Speed ferries.


There is a good network of roads on the island. The central routes are asphalted and the others are, for the most part, easily passable dirt roads. Buses provide an adequate service for both local inhabitants and visitors. There are taxi ranks in Adamas and Triovassalos.


The climate is typical of the Mediterranean with sunshine most days of the year. Cooling winds, the Cycladic Meltemi, blow from the north, almost daily, during July and August.


Apart from basic items, there is a range of souvenirs and craft work to be bought at reasonable prices. Traditional delicacies such as cheese pies, country rolls, local cheeses, tomato paste and spoon sweets are also readily available.

Useful Telephone Numbers (Code number for Greece: +30)
Tourist Information Office: 22870 22445
Police Station, Plaka: 22870 21204
Tourist Police, Plaka: 22870 21378
Port Police: 22870 23360
Olympic Airways Office: 22870 22380
Airport: 22870 22381
Taxi rank, Adamas: 22870 22219
Taxi rank, Triovassalos: 22870 21306
Health Centre, Plaka: 22870 22701


Milos offers gorgeous hotel accommodations that offer an enjoyable stay at low prices. The hotels have been built in the traditional architecture of the Cyclades and offer everything its visitors need to have an amazing stay, leaving guests with the most incredible, unforgettable memories of their summer vacation.


Milos consists of beautiful rooming facilities, apartments and studios for rent, in all areas of the island that will suit every taste, at low costs in a family friendly environment. All facilities are newly built with traditional architecture of the Cyclades. Your stay at these charming accommodations guarantees a magnificent and unforgettable holiday.

Also, in the village of Tripiti you can stay in windmills, which are fully equiped and offer a unique stay!


The Milos Achivadolimni campsite, open in Milos since 1998, provides enjoyable and carefree holidays to the visitors of the island. Laid out on Achivadolimni beach, next to the clear blue waters of the Aegean, the site offers a relaxing stay in an environment of unparalleled natural beauty. Provides organized facilities and promises a peaceful stay. Operates from May 15th to September 30th. Located on the area's gorgeous sandy beach it offers a magical view of the crystal clear blue Aegean. One of the most well equipped campsites on the island as it provides all types of modern facilities such as restaurants, a bar, swimming pool, shops etc. in aims of offering a relaxing stay for its visitors. The Milos Achivadolimni campsite offers a wide variety of facilities and services to satisfy all your needs.

Other services

Car Rentals
Excursions with Yachts


Archaelogical Museum
Folk Museum
Mining Museum
Ecclesiastical Museum
Sulphur Mine
Catacombs (In the vicinity of the Ancient City, SSW of the village of Tripiti, 150 metres above sea level, on a comparatively steep hillside, are the Catacombs of Milos. This was the meeting place of the early Christians, where they held their religious ceremonies and buried their dead, out of sight of the pagans of that time and their persecutors. They are the largest examples in Greece and among the most remarkable in the world, together with the catacombs in Rome and the Holy Land. )

Restaurants are almost anywhere on the island and several of them are open the year around, being attended by local people. Some of the restaurants specialize in fish, or meat or local plates, and are worth a visit.

All restaurants in Adamas are fairly good. In Plaka you find all types, during the summer, but very good are those in Tripitì and Triovassalos.

Prices are generally very convenient everywhere, with an average price (year 2006) of 15/20 Euro for a full but normal meal. Eating fish: from 40 to 60 Euro per kilo! Milos has many local plates: from fresh fish to very good pork meat, potatoes, eggplants, zucchini, "skordalià", the delicate garlic sauce, cabbage, "pitarakia", etc..

Also very good are cheeses made from goat milk. Local products, including the special thyme honey, can be purchased in many shops in Adamas, Plaka and Pollonia.

Wines come from all over Greece and they are normally from known producers, and in 1999 Milos started to produce a good local wine. As to shops, you find everything you might need for your vacations: supermarkets, pastry shops (taste the bread!), jewellery stores and ceramic shops. One bookstore in Adamas has foreign papers and books.

There are discos and music cafes. On the majority of beaches (with the exception of July and August), there are no bars, no restaurants, and no stereos! In Paleohori, there are three restaurants and the beach is served with a bus. In summertime, there is a restaurant in Mandrakia, restaurants also in Provatas and Kipos.
If the volcanic geological forms of Milos are interesting, the variety and colors of its beaches are impressive: they may be white, or black, with sand, small stones or ground shells. Their waters are always clear and may be emerald, green, pale blue or deep blue.Small beaches have been created by the continuous work of the sea on the rocks: see Sarakiniko, Aghios Constantinos, and Papafragas.Most of the beaches can be reached by well paved roads, others, like Kleftiko, can be reached only from the sea. The coast has colours and forms of unique beauty, and should be seen by boat.Only during July and August some beaches (Firiplaka, Ag. Kiriakì, Sarakiniko) have chairs or bars. Paliohori, instead has restaurants, umbrellas and chairs Hereunder we list the beaches you "must" see:

In the North: Firopotamos: a small nice bay with fishermen houses.
Mandrakia: a small jewel of small houses with truthful dwellings for fishing boats
Sarakiniko: a moon-like, incredibly white rocky coast with a small bay
Ag. Konstantinos: another shelter for boats through rocky passages.
Papafragas: the sea enters the tiny sandy beach between high, rocky walls.
Pollonia: a nice sandy beach with trees.
In the South: Paliochori: 10 km. from Adamas, perhaps the most interesting beach, with small stones. Hot spots from thermal water.
Haghia Kiriakì: Long beach, sand and shell detritus.
Tzigrado: made of perlite, snow-like slope of sand entering a blue sea.
Firiplaka: by Tsigrado, ample sandy beach with coloured rocks.
Provatas: fine reddish sandy beach.Gerontas: small beach of black sand, arches and grottos.
Others: Beaches and places within the gulf: Papakikinò, Hivadolimni, Klima, Fourkovounni, Agia Marina and Embourio. A must is also the beach of Plathiena, NW of the island. West of the island: Triades, Agios Joannis.East of the island: Paliorema, Kastana......etc.etc......

The island of Milos has seven towns: Adamas, Triovassalos, Pera Triovassalos, Tripiti, Plakes, Plaka, and Pollonia. We describe the major ones. However also Tripiti, Triovassalos, and small villages like Mandrakia and Klima are a "must" to visit.:
Adamas. Its name might come from "diamond". It is situated on the gulf and all ferryboats arrive to its secure harbour. Adamas is the "downtown" place of the island of Milos, because it is pivotal to all directions, it has cafes and restaurants right on the gulf, shops and markets, discos, and the majority of other services. Boat excursions depart from Adamas and so do ferries to Kimolos. Visit the churches of Aghia Triada and Agios Halarambos.

Plaka. Built on the hill at the entrance of the gulf, Plaka is the most characteristic town on the Island with narrow roads, houses of Cycladic style, and a few shops and restaurants. Visit the Kastro, from which you have a wonderful view of the North/West part of the island and unforgettable sunsets. The Folk Museum and The Archaeological Museum are in Plaka and we suggest their visit. Near Plaka you have the Catacombs and the Theatre, with unexpected interesting marble remains.

Pollonia. In front of the Island of Kimolos, North/East of Adamas (10 km.) Pollonia is a small fisherman town built around a pretty, restful round beach of fine sand. On one side the peer with restaurants. It is an ideal place for those who want to be out of the crowd, close to all beaches on the north side and to the nearby islands: Kimolos, Ag. Ghiorgos, Poliegos, and of course, Glaronissia, the impressive small islands coming up from the sea with hexagon shaped stones.

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