Folegandros is a welcoming little island of the Aegean. It has its own fun club as visitors keep coming, year after year, to meet friends from all over the world. Somehow they all seem to be spellbound to it and everyone enjoys that. Locals treat visitors as honourary guests rather than tourists, while the latter think their coming over for a family reunion.

The mild touristic development of the last couple of decades has allowed Folegandros to acquire the infrastructure required for modern, organized facilities and services, while at the same time managed to preserve its own, special character.
The people of Folegandros continue to care for their homeland and to enjoy their way of life, which they share with the continually increasing friends of the island.
Folegandros is a rewarding place. After the arrival at the port of
Karavostassis the island unfolds its beauty offering a wide variety of activities to choose from: the aimless wandering along the paved streets of Hora and the alleyways of Kastro, walking up the cliff to Panaghia, swimming in one of the secluded or more popular beaches, exploring the mainland through the numerous footpaths that run through the whole island. Let's not forget the homemade, traditional food at Hora, Ano Meria or Angali, the party atmosphere at the squares of Hora or the celebrations with live music after a few glasses of wine at the taverns.


From and to Piraeus
The distance from the port of Piraeus is 104 nautical miles. During high season there are HIGH SPEED BOATS ALMOST EVERY DAY (duration 3,5 - 4 hrs).
Trip by conventional boats lasts from 9 hours (Western Cyclades route, twice a week) to 11 hours (Eastern Cyclades route, twice a week).
Piraeus Port Authority tel. 210-4226000

From and to Thera
Folegandros is connected with Santorini (Thera) once or twice daily. The duration of the trip is from 2 to 3.5 hours. Flights from Athens to Santorini are scheduled on a daily basis.
Santorini Port Authority tel. 22860-22239

From and to Syros
3 times a week (about 5.5 h)
Syros Port Authority tel. 22810-88888

From and to Naxos
5 times a week (2-3 h)Naxos
Port Authority tel. 22850-22300

From and to Paros
5 times a week (3-4 h)
Paros Port Authority tel. 22840-21240

From and to Western Cyclades, twice a week
East Cyclades route connects Folegandros with the islands of Paros, Naxos, Ios, Sikinos, Santorini (Thera) and Anafi.West Cyclades route connects Folegandros with the islands of Kythnos, Serifos, Sifnos, Kimolos and Milos.

Local routes connect Folegandros with the islands of Anafi, Therassia, Ios, Naxos, Paros, Santorini, Sikinos and Syros. The routes are carried out throughout the year. Information from the tourist office "Maraki Travel and Tours", tel.22860-41273, Diaplous Travel, tel. 22860-41158, e-mail: and the Folegandros Port Authority tel. 22860-41530

The heliport is near Hora. It is equipped with night landing systems.

Municipality:22860-41285, 41416
Port Authority:22860-41530

There are no banks in Folegandros. Transactions are made at the cash point machine in Hora, at the Post Office Saving Bank and the tourist offices (Travelers Checks etc).

ΜΑRΑΚΙ Τours and Travel: tel:22860-41273, 22860-41198 (home), fax:22860-41149.
SOTTOVENTO: tel:22860-41521, fax:22860-41430
DIAPLOUS: tel:22860-41158, fax:22860-41159

:22860-41425, 41328, 41068
Taxi: 6944-693957, home: 22860-41048

Rent a car:
KOZZMOZZ:22860-41660, mob:6942-058061

Rent a bike :


Tourist boats - sea transportation
This is the easy way to go to the beaches from Karavostassis or Angali. Information about the routes is posted at notice boards at the port. Daily cruises around the island are scheduled once or twice a week.

On foot:
following the paths Many interesting beaches are accessible only by footpaths or from the sea. Folegandros is an ideal place for walking. Most footpaths are in very good condition. The extended footpath network is very explicitly described in the Map of Folegandros. The map is available in the super markets on the island.


Panaghia - The Church of the Virgin Mary
Kastro: The medieval settlement of Kastro is the old part of Hora, built on the verge of a steep cliff, 210 m. above the sea. "Kastro" in Greek means "fortress".
Folklore Museum: Housed in a typical 19th century farmhouse ("Themonia") of Ano Meria with an exquisite view, the Folklore Museum was established in 1988 by the Folegandros Cultural Society
The Chryssospilia Cave: Chryssospilia is an impressive natural monument, associated with several local legends. Situated on the north-eastern side of the island.
The Aspropounta Lighthouse: The lighthouse was built in 1919.


Karavostassis (Hohlidia): The beach is near the port of Karavostassis
Katergo: NE. Uninhabited area. Access:By tourist boats
Livadi: NE, summer resort. Access: By car
Angali: South, inhabited area - summer resort. Access: By bus, car or tourist boats from
Ai Nikolas:Southern beach near Angali
Livadaki: Next to Aspropounta Lighthouse, Access:Tourist boats
Ambeli: NW, uninhabited area. Access: Only by footpath or private boat
Ai-Giorgis: NE, uninhabited area. Access: By car (good dirt road)
Vorina:N, uninhabited area. Access: Only by footpath

Hora, Karavostassis and Ano Meria are the major settlements of Folegandros. Minor settlements are Petoussis and Livadi. Angali is a summer resort inhabited only during the summertime.

In KARAVOSTASIS and HORA, you will find hotels, rooms to let and furnished appartments.
In, AGALI, ALIFOS and ANO MERIA you can find rooms to let and in LIVADI there is a camp site.


When it comes to eating, Folegandros can offer a wide variety of alternatives to choose from. They range from fresh fish in the taverns of Karavostassis and Angali, to international cuisine dishes in restaurants in Hora. One can always pick from the many exquisite local delicacies offeres at the taverns in Hora and Ano Meria.During the summer thare are also restaurants open in Ai-Nikolas and Livadi (at the camp site).
One of the most populalar local products is souroto, white, soft cheese, usually accompanying salads.
Souroto and onions are the main ingredients of Kalassouna, the famous Folegandriot cheese pie.
One can also try the hard Folegandriot cheese (locals usually refer to it as simply "cheese"), either eaten as a snack with raki or wine, on grated on pasta.
Don't forget to try matsata (traditional, homemade fresh pasta served with cockerel or rabbit in tomato sauce), oven-baked chickpeas, capers, karpouzenia (a sweet pie with water-melon, honey and sesame seeds), pastelli (a sesame and honey bar) and many more local delicacies or products (local meat and vegetables).


Folegandros's night life doesn't have the cosmopolitan atmosphere of other islands. When you go out in the evening you will probably find yourself in an extended group of friends and acquaintances that meet again and again at the little bars, the squares and the alleyways, having fun, dancing, partying, or simply enjoying a drink under the star-studded sky.
Every evening the squares and alleyways of Hora liven up with people who fill up the restaurants and the taverns with local delicacies, continue with relaxed walks around the paved streets and end up drinking rakomelo in the squares or dancing to Greek or foreign music at one of the bars.
The bars at Karavostassis, next to the sea, offer a more relaxed way of spending the evening. You can start with ouzo and fresh fish in the early afternoon, continue with coffee or a refreshing drink and move on to something stronger when night falls and the area is wonderfully tranquil.
If you are lucky, you may run into one of the impromptu celebrations that often start after a few glasses of wine at the taverns of Angali or Ano Meria by local musicians or, simply, visitors like yourself!

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